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Elder Law

Our team has assisted many elderly clients and their families to understand and organise their property and personal affairs in the most advantageous way.

We have a team of lawyers who are specially trained in elder law. We understand the importance of structuring property and personal affairs in an orderly and practical way.

Our elder law services include:
  • Wills - It is important that all persons have an up to date Will which correctly records a person's wishes for the distribution of assets on their death. We have been assisting our clients to draft Wills for over 100 years and as such, we have a considerable wealth of experience in ensuring that Wills meet the unique circumstances of each of our clients, but also the requirements prescribed by the law.
  • Enduring Power of Attorney - Enduring Powers of Attorney are important documents which ensure personal care and welfare and property are managed appropriately if a person unfortunately becomes incapable of doing so. An Enduring Power of Attorney gives to another person (an attorney) the authority to act on their behalf. There are two types - Enduring Power of Attorney in relation to Personal Care and Welfare and an Enduring Power of Attorney in relation to Property.
  • Residential Care Subsidy Applications - If a person is assessed as needing rest home care they may be entitled to receive a rest home care subsidy. The application form is comprehensive and we can assist you to complete the necessary paper work so that subsidies can be obtained at the earliest time possible.
  • Retirement Village Ownership - There are a number of different ownership provisions under which a unit or apartment in a rest home complex can be purchased. We have considerable knowledge of these different ownership structures and can fully advise the implications of such ownership.
  • Asset Protection - It takes time to build up assets, making it all the more important to ensure they are protected as effectively as possible. We work with our clients to review their asset portfolios, to ascertain the most appropriate legal entity for each asset to be held in and to ensure that when the time comes, that those assets can be distributed easily in accordance with a person's wishes in their Will.
  • Administration of Account - If a person has reached a stage in their life where they do not wish to personally administer their own accounts especially while in a rest home, we can administer their accounts, pay their bills and ensure that monies are invested in the appropriate investments for their benefit.

If you require assistance with any matter pertaining to your affairs or the affairs of an elderly family member, please contact one of our Elder Law team below:



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